Wednesday 8 February 2017

Overwatch’s capture the flag mode is here to stay

Blizzard’s adding Capture the Rooster to custom games

Overwatch’s take on capture the flag, Capture the Rooster, was introduced to the game last month as part of the game’s Chinese New Year event. But unlike other seasonal events in Overwatch, which feature limited-time game modes, Capture the Rooster will be sticking around after the Year of the Rooster event concludes next week.

In a new developer update video, game director Jeff Kaplan confirmed that Overwatch’s capture the flag mode will live on in custom games, where players will be able to fiddle with Capture the Rooster’s game rules. Kaplan said players will have “tons of new options for you to play around with” in custom Capture the Rooster games.

That includes things like changing flag pickup time to be longer or instantaneous; turning off hero abilities; and causing the flag to drop if players use mobility or immunity-based abilities.

According to Kaplan, Blizzard is giving players even more control in custom games, and not just in capture the flag mode.

“You can now go into payload maps and change payload speed if you think it should be faster or slower,” Kaplan explained. “You can change the capture speeds on control points. ... In the control mode you can go in and decide what rate does capture percentage accrue at. You can decide what heroes you want in the maps. If you think Tracer's a problem in Escort maps, you can turn her off if you want...

“You can now go into each individual hero's abilities and turn them on or off and adjust their cooldowns if you want.”

Overwatch players will be able to find custom game types suited to their play style thanks to a new server browser interface that Blizzard plans to add. Players will be able to search for custom games based on filters — like a specific hero or map — of their choosing.

Better still, custom games will now earn players experience, which means more loot boxes.

Check out the full developer update in the video above.

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