Saturday 18 February 2017

Four short links: 15 Feb 2017

Docker Data, Smart Broadcasting, Open Source, and Cellphone Spy Tools

  1. Docker Data Kit -- Connect processes into powerful data pipelines with a simple git-like filesystem interface.
  2. RedQueen: An online algorithm for smart broadcasting in social networks (Adrian Colyer) -- This paper starts out with a simple question “when’s the best time to tweet if you want to get noticed?,” detours through some math involving “solving a novel optimal control problem for a system of jump stochastic differential equations (SDEs),” and pops out again on the other side with a simple online algorithm called RedQueen.
  3. Open Source Guides -- GitHub's guide to making and contributing to open source. GitHub's is nicely packaged into visual and consumable chunks, but I still prefer (newly updated) Producing Open Source Software. The more people know how to do open source, the better.
  4. Cellphone Spy Tools Flood Local Police Departments -- caught my eye because I'm pondering visiting the U.S. this year, and I'm not a fan of surrendering devices for search. My current line of thought is: if CBP/popo are going to take a device from me and plug it into their software, hardware, and network ... it just has to look like a phone. Next challenge: making a large capacitor look like an unlocked iPhone.

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