Sunday 1 September 2013

Nintendo NES as HTPC Case [THE END]

I'm back to post few images of the final version of the NES Style HTPC!

The final setup:

  • Intel Desktop Board D945GCLF2 - Atom 330 ~40€
  • 1GB RAM DDR II (included with the board)
  • HDD from my old laptop (60GB Hitachi 7200 rpm)
  • External PSU (included with the board)
  • NES Console case (15€ on ebay)
  • 2 small 30mm fans
  • ATA to mini-ATA adapter (8€)
  • Old Microsoft XP License from my dead laptop
  • A Dremel, sort of, bought at Carrefour (18€)
  • A Logitech K400 Keyboard (with touchpad)
The best would be to replace the HDD with a SATA to SD Card adapter (should be at 15€ on ebay) to reduce the internal heat and add 2 USB Nintendo controllers to be used for playing some emulated games.

Internal temperatures spread from 48 to 55 °C on heavy load.

At the moment, I opted for Windows XP, XMBC and Google Chrome. Furthermore, you can add a PSX and NeoGeo emulators to play with it.