Sunday 5 February 2017

First Intel Processor with AMD Radeon Graphics Within 2017

Back in December, it was reported that Intel could license AMD's GPU technology for integration into its future processors. The whispers are growing louder, with Hard|OCP editor Kyle Bennett (who broke the original December story), reporting that the first product of this collaboration could be out within 2017. According to Bennett, posting on the Hard|OCP Forums, the first Intel product with AMD Radeon GPU IP could be a special processor with an AMD Radeon GPU die, and a CPU die based on the "Kaby Lake" micro-architecture.

Bennett further adds that the Radeon-enhanced Intel processor could be a multi-chip module (MCM) with the Radeon GPU die being separate from the CPU die, it won't be an on-die component such as Intel's own HD Graphics solution. This could also mean that AMD will supply nearly-finished dies to Intel, likely manufactured at its own trusted fabs (Global Foundries or TSMC), and not hand over sensitive designs over to Intel's fabs. The product could be an entry-mid range product, which means Intel is trying to aim for the value consumer segment, and not necessarily the workstation crowd. Bennett concludes that one could expect more collaboration between Intel and AMD over graphics IP in the future.

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