Friday 29 May 2009

Porting status and Canonical developers' news

The porting process of latest Google Android sources to ASUS EeePc 701 is almost complete.
Current status:
  • Intel on-board VGA is working ( 640x480 until 2.6.29 Kernel )
  • GPS USB Serial device is correctly binded to OS
  • LAN 100Mbit Network Adapter is working ( both DHCP and static configuration )
  • WiFi Atheros 5k Network Adapter is working ( both DHCP and static configuration )
  • USB Mouse and/or Keyboard works
  • USB Pen Drives can be mounted as SD Cards
  • Audio is not working ( surely an ALSA configuration issue )
Furthermore, our A.API is working. I cannot tell you anything more.

I read in some websites (ArsTechnica) Canonical developers are focusing their attention on run Android applications on Ubuntu.
That can be technically done by writing a Dalvik VM that lies over a Linux distribution.
Or using an emulator, but it exists and it is too slow. No optimization can guarantee a smooth execution of the applications.

Monday 4 May 2009

Android on Eee Pc

I am porting a Android to an ASUS Eee PC (fully featured, from source code downloaded on 3rd April).
I'll post few tutorials or something similar in next weeks.

You can know more here.

Blender Project

That's the "Computer Graphics" course project.
It has been my first time using Blender. It is a great editing tool, but it has a weird user interface (I'm not talking about Graphical UI).
Mainly, you must become a "Shortcut God". After that, following tutorials and some experience, you'll get some results.