Friday 28 November 2008

Ubuntu Linux x64

I am working on Ubuntu 8.10 x64 since 2 weeks ago.
This last release is something not comparable to other distribution I ever used.
Fedora Core 8 or openSuse could compete against it, but Ubuntu wins:
  • for the excellent package manager (synaptic)
  • because of the O.S. watches for user actions, always prompting the safest thing to do
  • for the ease of installation process
  • for gnome balance between performances and eyecandy stuff
  • because of derived from debian
  • ... much more!
What do you think about it? Let me know. Leave a comment!

Tuesday 25 November 2008

When everyone would like to be a developer.

Some time ago, I was following the development of "Prince of Persia: Assassin's Creed" game.
An interview at caught my attention...
Impressive technical details, indeed...
Awful gameplay...
Jade Raymond as Game Producer...

What a Game Producer!

[UPDATE!] My access counter is listing this entry:
25.11.08 @ 15:24:48 Host ISP:Ubisoft entertainment - Canada

Tuesday 11 November 2008

Context switching...

Thanks to my thesis supervisor, I received a proposal for a project involving Linux kernels, ARM SoCs (and maybe x86 systems) and Android Framework.
I accepted immediately, cause of this is another chance for working on something real.
Obviously, this time I'll work at a lower level. No Java but advanced C language and compiling options on Makefiles.
So, in future, there will be some posts containing some info about linux kernel, unix drivers and so on.