Monday 20 February 2017

How AMD's Ryzen Will Disrupt the Gaming CPU Market

Eurogamer has offered some positive thoughts on the effect that Ryzen could have on gaming. While there is plenty of testing left to be done, it isn't crazy to think that the new AMD chips may offer tremendous value, especially if they can be pushed like the competition. Ryzen does lack an integrated GPU, but that "downside," as you would imagine, is pretty darn moot. One thing I like, beyond the gaming aspect, is that Ryzen chips could be a cheaper but equally effective solution for video encoding. …how will gaming performance pan out, and secondly - just how is a much smaller company able to undercut Intel so massively? Has Intel really been ripping us off over the last decade? Potentially, there's much to get excited about in just how much performance we're getting for the money here—even for the budget gaming PC builder. At the absolute bottom end, the Pentium G4560 still looks unassailable, but assuming Ryzen can indeed match up to an Intel Broadwell processor, the entry-level Ryzen 3 1100 should offer superb gaming performance up there with a modern i5, even before we factor in the overclocking potential of the chip. There are also other factors to consider too - such as AMD's track record in providing gamer-friendly features on entry-level motherboards. Discussion

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