Thursday 14 August 2008


From Gizmodo

Chinese staff could not manage a BSOD during Olypics games opening ceremony...
It seems a IRQL_NOT_LESS_EQUAL error, as usual.

Firefox alphas...

A new Mozilla Firefox Alpha version is out: you can read relase notes here.
It contains a little taste of the future Gecko rendering engine: an improved web standards compliancy.
W3C is a consortium developing and publishing web specifications, guidelines, software (etc.) to improve Web fruition in the most efficient way.
The W3C's core business is to standardize and make software, websites, protocols, browsers interoperable.

To check your browser W3C compliancy, let it take these 3 test:
I hope HTML5 will solve issues and remove the old HTML retrocompatibility burden.

Facebook account!

I've joined Facebook.
You'll find my account here...
I think it will become my "personal website": I found photo albums very useful... And I hope to have a feast by using Facebook for advertising it.
[OT]Today there will be a great party on the beach, lasting the entire night, until sunrise! Don't try to find me on 15th of August! You could meet a zombie, not me.