Friday 9 February 2018

VLC 3.0 Released



, the VLC 3.0 media player is now available!


This release is the result of more than three year of volunteer work, add numerous new features, fixes more than 1500 bugs and show more than 20.000 commits. All platform share the same code now. VLC 3.0 is a massive change in the VLC core,

" wrote Jean-Baptiste Kempf in the press announcement.

VLC 3.0 adds 360 video support, Direct HDR on Windows, HD Audio codec pass-through Google Chromecast support, better hardware decoding, HTTP 2.0 support, better UPnP, adaptive streaming, initial work on Wayland support, optional systemd support, zero-copy GStreamer video decoding, VLC on Linux now defaults to OpenGL rather than X-Video, countless other improvements.

VLC 3.0 can be downloaded from


Read the full article here by Phoronix

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