Sunday 4 February 2018

PUBG Anti-Cheat Update Coming Next Week

The Head of Service Management & Anti-Cheat at Playerunknown's Battlegrounds have announced they they have developed a new anti-cheat solution and will be deploying an early version of it on the servers next week. The solution was developed in house, and has been being tested on their test servers. The main focus of the new system is blocking unauthorized programs that hook into the game and transform game files. In addition, PUBG is upgrading the in-game report function, so it will allow them to investigate reported content faster and more accurately; File modification checking, any modification or deletion of game files may result in a ban; and they are cracking down on account sharing, no longer allowing family sharing on steam.

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Sounds good to me. I have not played many rounds in PUBG, but I will say in the few I have, several ended suspiciously. THe primary foxus of this anti-cheat makes me worry for people that use things like RTSS, Afterburner, and the like for FPS reporting, we don't want another unjust ban wave happening. The comments section on the announcement implies that players have another idea to quell cheating.

The internally developed anti-cheat solution is planned to be upgraded steadily after the first implementation next week. As mentioned earlier, the eradication of cheat programs will not end with a few attempts and actions. In addition to the systems currently in development and already implemented, we are looking into a more effective system, and we will actively introduce any solutions that were confirmed to be reliable and accurate. We will continue taking firm measures against the developers, distributors and users of cheats. We promise you that we will do our best every day in our battle for a fair game environment.


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