Thursday 22 February 2018

Intel Releases Updated Microcode For Meltdown and Spectre

Intel has announced that it has released production microcode updates to OEM manufacturers for Kaby Lake, Coffee Lake, and Skylake platforms. Along with this announcement, Intel has finally given us a schedule and availability table for the microcode revisions that can be found here. Nice to see they haven't just went quiet and hoped we forgot, I was actually asking yesterday if anyone had heard anything. It's nice to see that in their guidance paper that they plan on going back further than initally thought, though we will have to see if they make it out of "planning" or get pushed out by vendors. Also there are some CPU's that seem to be missing from the list. Keep checking your motherboard manufacturers sites for updates, you can find a list we compiled here. Based on these efforts, we have now released production microcode updates to our OEM customers and partners for Kaby Lake- and Coffee Lake-based platforms, plus additional Skylake-based platforms. This represents our 6th, 7th and 8th Generation Intel Core product lines as well as our latest Intel Core X-series processor family. It also includes our recently announced Intel Xeon Scalable and Intel Xeon D processors for data center systems. Discussion

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