Saturday 10 February 2018

Valve Has Hired Another Open-Source Linux GPU Driver Developer

Valve has onboarded another open-source Linux graphics driver developer.

Joining the work by Timothy Arceri, Andres Rodriguez, Samuel Pitoiset, and others working on the open-source Linux graphics stack while being funded by Valve, Daniel Schürmann is the company's latest hire.

Daniel Schürmann is this new name to Linux graphics contributions. He began his Valve work by contributing some

RADV patches

for this Radeon Vulkan driver in Mesa.

The German Linux developer has contributed to the Mixxx DJ mixing software, Cinnamon, and other open-source projects.

It turns out there are two Daniel Schürmanns into Linux/open-source development, not to be confused with the desktop developer, this Daniel from TU Berlin had written his master thesis on OpenMP offloading using OpenCL and SPIR-V. You can check out his thesis



Valve's Pierre-Loup Griffais has


Daniel Schürmann is part of Valve's open-source graphics group.

It will be great to see what open-source GPU driver improvements they deliver this year.

Read the full article here by Phoronix

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