Monday 16 October 2017

Projects You Can Help With For Advancing Open-Source NVIDIA "Nouveau" Graphics

Longtime Nouveau contributor Karol Herbst has been working on an updated list of project ideas for new contributors or those that may be wanting to participate in an Endless Vacation of Code / Google Summer of Code.

They haven't updated their project ideas list in a while so Karol took it upon himself to begin thinking of new Nouveau project ideas and discussing these ideas on the Nouveau mailing list. Among the areas where Nouveau is in use of extra help includes:

- Better handling of out-of-memory situations with vRAM like more swapping to system memory or allow for memory usage reporting to user-space.

- Tracking down more performance bottlenecks within Nouveau.

- Constructing a Nouveau Vulkan driver.

- Finishing up Nouveau's limited OpenCL compute support right now so it can pass the OpenCL Conformance Test Suite.

- Experimental NIR support for making use of this intermediate representation used by Intel's driver, beginning to be used in RadeonSI, and also by Freedreno/VC4.

- More compiler optimizations.

- The big messy task of working on re-clocking improvements.

More details via

this Nouveau thread

. If you are looking to get involved with open-source NVIDIA GPU driver development, hop on their mailing list or IRC channel: details on their

Wiki site


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