Friday 13 October 2017

Discord launches Verified servers for game developers, publishers

Discord is teaming up with various game developers and publishers to offer players the option to belong to their official Discord channels.

These servers will be run completely by community managers and other employees associated with the developers and publishers, Discord confirmed to Polygon. Each server will be moderated by the publisher or developer’s own team.

Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds, Minecraft, Supercell and Offworld are some of the games that currently have verified Discord servers. Checkmarks will appear alongside the appointed server’s name to designate that it is run by an official account.

Discord profile pop up A photo of what the new pop-up will look like for Discord users trying to find verified servers. Discord
Discord PUBG server An example of what the invitation to verified servers will look like. Discord

A representative from Discord told Polygon that the servers will mainly be used as a way for developers and publishers to share updates with players and engage with feedback. Think of it like a game’s page on Steam or developer blog, but with the ability for instantaneous conversation.

Verified servers will also allow developers to encourage non-hostile conversation around their games. With the ability to self-moderate, they’ll have the chance to remove heated discussion — including harassing or abusive language — from their server. Discord has confirmed in the past that it doesn’t moderate channels, but the service keeps an eye on un-verified servers to ensure that users are following the terms of service and user guidelines.

Discord has dealt with a slew of troublesome servers in the past, but a representative for the platform told Polygon that it is looking into and deals=ing with reported servers are intenrally. Verified servers seems like one way of steering players of specific games to conversational windows that dedicated community managers can handle.

Developers or publishers who want to sign up for a verified server on Discord can do so on the official site.

Read the full article here by Polygon

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