Monday 17 April 2017

Microsoft Is Experimenting with Tabs in File Explorer and Other Apps on Windows 10

Wow, it only took 20 years. Tabbed browsing is finally coming to File Explorer as part of a bigger initiative called "Tabbed Shell," which will bring tab functionality to any and all Windows apps. I guess the days of having multiple instances of the same program taking up your taskbar will soon be over. …Tabbed Shell is a feature being worked on at an OS level, and doesn't require work from app developers to take advantage of it. By default, Tabbed Shell works with any app window, whether it be Photoshop, File Explorer, or Microsoft Word. Any UWP, Win32 or Centennial app will work. Much like in Edge, you'll find a tabbed interface at the top of a window where you can switch between instances of the same app. This means that right away, any app can take advantage of the new tabbing experience without any developer work. If an app features a titlebar, it will be able to function with Tabbed Shell. Discussion

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