Wednesday 19 April 2017

Caffe2: A New, Open-Source Deep Learning Framework From Facebook

Facebook just announced Caffe2, a new deep learning framework developed in cooperation with NVIDIA and other vendors.

Facebook announced minutes ago from their F8 developer conference Caffe2 as a new open-source framework for deep learning.

Caffe2 was also announced on its new website,

. "

Caffe2 is shipping with tutorials and examples that demonstrate learning at massive scale which can leverage multiple GPUs in one machine or many machines with one or more GPUs. Learn to train and deploy models for iOS, Android, and Raspberry Pi. Pre-trained models from the Caffe2 Model Zoo can be run with just a few lines of code. Caffe2 is deployed at Facebook to help developers and researchers train large machine learning models and deliver AI-powered experiences in our mobile apps. Now, developers will have access to many of the same tools, allowing them to run large-scale distributed training scenarios and build machine learning applications for mobile.


Among the vendors working with Facebook on Caffe2 are NVIDIA, Qualcomm, Intel, Amazon, and Microsoft. NVIDIA has already put out

a Caffe2 blog post

with some initial numbers. The BSD-licensed code can be found on



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