Sunday 9 April 2017

Indie hit 'Besiege' is adding online machine-making duels

The war machine construction game Besiege has been a darling of Steam's Early Access scene, and for good reason: its extremely flexible building block system has let people's imaginations run wild. You've had to play solo, though, which sometimes makes it hard to show off your creations. Spiderling Games is about to throw the gates wide open, though. The developer is prepping a Multiverse update that, as the name suggests, adds online play. As many as 8 builders can join in, whether it's to compete against each other or to team up on challenges. And you won't be limited to the challenges that ship with the game, either.

Multiverse is adding a level editor with a slight twist: other players can join in and interact while you're still building. You can test concepts in real time, or see if you can build a fortress before your friends find a way to take it down. Think of it as building Lego creations with mischievous siblings. The editing tools so far look like they're powerful without being overwhelming, so this could be worth trying even without the multiplayer aspect.

The update isn't slated to arrive until near the end of the third quarter (somewhere around September), but you might want to drop some cash early if you like the concept. Spiderling is raising the Early Access price of the game from $8 to $10 when Multiverse arrives, so it'll be relatively costly to hold out.

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Source: Steam, Spiderling Games

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