Saturday 22 April 2017

Epic Wants Architects to Use Unreal Engine as a Design Tool

Epic is ready to unleash their Unreal Engine upon the architectural design community. Using visual tools, architects can convey ideas to customers by showing them the exact structures that they envisioned. When VR is added to the mix, customers can stand in the middle of a structure and see how lighting affects the model for example. Thought a statue out front of the stadium was a good idea? Drop a virtual statue there, scale it up to the exact size you wish, and see how it works visually and emotionally in the area. Scale models cost a lot of money to create and they take up even more precious space in a design studio. Drawings are 2D, and can't compare to a scale model or VR presentation. By being able to show clients in VR what the architect's ideas are for a home, business, etc; lots of time and money can be saved. If a design element just seems out of place, then it can easily be changed in Unreal Engine without costing the customer or architect a penny. Here is a video from Fabrice Bourrelly who is scheduled to be an integral part of the webinar demonstration. The company is planning four free webinars with the first one kicking off April 2. That event will feature architect Fabrice Bourrelly, who will go over some of the reasons to use Unreal for architecture. Register for the webinar here. "Using models of Philip Johnson's Glass House and Tadao Ando's Church of Light, Fabrice will illustrate how Unreal Engine brings the emotion, mood and atmosphere of offline-quality rendering to the real-time, immersive and interactive experience of virtual and augmented reality," Unreal community representative Chris Ruffo wrote in a blog post. "Fabrice is an architect, artist, and 3D visualizer who has become a leading user and teacher of Unreal Engine over the past year. Fabrice's client list includes Google, IDEO, Thomas Heatherwick, Anish Kapoor, Bentley Motors, and Philippe Starck." Discussion

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