Monday 13 March 2017

Proton : MacOS has a RAT

Apple has always made the argument that their operating systems simply do not get viruses like the PC. The numbers certainly don't lie. Malware samples are directly proportional to how prevalent any given operating system may be in consumer or enterprise environments. With that being said, malware development is an ongoing and infinitely evolving endeavor. Sixgill researchers discovered a post in one of the most notorious and exclusive Russian cybercrime message boards detailing a new MacOS RAT with the codename "Proton." The real threat behind the software is this: The malware is shipped with genuine Apple code-signing signatures. This means the author of Proton RAT somehow got through the rigorous filtration process Apple places on MAC OS developers of third-party software, and obtained genuine certifications for his program. Sixgill evaluates that the malware developer has managed to falsify registration to the Apple Developer ID Program or used stolen developer credentials for the purpose. Proton is capable of plenty of bad juju. If you'd like to score yourself a copy, it can be yours for a mere 2 bitcoins. Thanks Crixus! Discussion

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