Friday 24 March 2017

OneDrive "Runs like a Dog" on Windows OS Rivals

Microsoft is being accused of perverting their OneDrive web app so it performs far more slowly on Linux, ChromeOS, and other Windows rivals. The supposed evidence is that users see an increase of performance once they change their browser's user-agent string to IE or Edge. Uh, I think that just means OneDrive's code for Firefox, Chrome, and other non-MS browsers is terrible—although that in itself is worthy of complaint, I guess. Plenty of Linux users are up in arms about the performance of the OneDrive web app. They say that when accessing Microsoft's cloudy storage system in a browser on a non-Windows system – such as on Linux or ChromeOS – the service grinds to a barely usable crawl. But when they use a Windows machine on the same internet connection, speedy access resumes. Crucially, when they change their browser's user-agent string – a snippet of text the browser sends to websites describing itself – to Internet Explorer or Edge, magically their OneDrive access speeds up to normal on their non-Windows PCs. Discussion

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