Friday 3 October 2014

New killer 3D Concept site for artists/beta

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Hello everyone! CgSociety is really a cool place to meet other likeminded artists of all skill levels. Anyway, I´m not writing a commercial here for a site. It is NOT that. I´m writing this because Im really impressed with the site Im talking about. Namely

3D Concept Art

It has all the bells and whistles an artist can dream of. Lets start by saying that it is still in beta so sign up for an account if you feel like it would be something for you. First of all there is a myriad of things presented to members for use. A global map with studios all over the world with info, articles, galleries, a thing called The Wall, following and followers capabilties, instant messaging and just stuff that rock. And it looks great. I mean great. You can tell these guys really, really put thought behind this site or a home if you want to call it. Great interviews, you can write articles and best of all, great artists from the industry...other cool stuff is videos, tutorials, groups, cinematics and some more...havent discovered everything yet. You can tell that these guys are seriousminded and they really love what they do. For an aspiring artist like me, it is a heaven and I intend to make the best of it. But please, don´t take my word for it. Follow the link and check it our for yourself. Good luck artist!

Kristoffer aka. Lightbird.

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