Tuesday 11 March 2014

TotalEdit Professional is a powerful -- and now free -- Notepad replacement

TotalEdit Professional is an interesting and very capable Notepad replacement. But it used to cost $29.99, a major issue when competing editors such as Notepad++ cost nothing at all. It seems that the developers have also realized this is a problem, though. And as they’re looking to Android and iPhone products as a means to generate revenue, TotalEdit Professional is now available for free. (It still installs as a trial version, but just register with the license code 2D5B073C-93D0-6D40-8970-B041-C2C and it’ll be activated right away). Getting started is easy. Support for Unicode files and various line endings and document encodings… [Continue Reading]

from BetaNews http://ift.tt/OgO6zQ


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