Thursday 2 November 2017

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds Ditches Amazon Web Services for Microsoft Azure

Manu_PT said:
Game type? You talk like pubg is the ultimate cpu bound game or what? You even know what a raid on WoW is? Go figure.

Pubg is just an unoptimized crap that will die as soon as the big sharks enter the battle royale scene. Fortnite already stole a lot of players and it isnt even a good game. We talk in 1 year (battlefield BR, cod br, blizzard br etc etc)

Well Fortnite has graphics that are damn near equivalent to modded Minecraft, also made by the same studio who made the engine for the game. Bluehole originally had to do some work arounds to limitations of UE4, since it is not meant for that type of game. But they took a chance because it was a non-proprietary engine with a ton of documentations, so anything they needed to do could be done relatively quickly. Epic Games has made a ton of changes to UE4 to accomodate for the demands of a battle royal game when they made fortnite. Bluehole will get those changes when the official update to the engine is sent out to all studios using it.

Of course if a AAA studio dives into battle royal genre they will likely beat out pubg, but those AAA studios also have far more talent, and resources at their disposal. PUBG started from a studio with less than 40 developers. It expanded to over 100 within 6 months of it being in early access and has made leaps and bounds in client performance.

Pubg isnt that unoptimized, the only people i see even mentioning those words these days also have computers from what is considered now as the stone age, an expect devs to bend over backwards for them and their dual core rigs with GPUs from 5 years ago.

Again this game is early access. Only has about a year and a half of development time under its belt. It has improved far more in such short amount of time in comparison to H1Z1 that has been in early access for 4 years and they have made damn near zero progress on that particular title.

Simply put, your expectations for an unfinished product is stupidly high.

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