Saturday 11 November 2017

FreeCS: Aiming For An Open-Source Counter-Strike Implementation

The latest open-source game project working on an open-source engine re-implementation of a popular game is FreeCS that is aiming to be a free software re-implementation of Counter-Strike.

Before getting too excited, FreeCS isn't targeting Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Counter-Strike: Source, nor Counter-Strike 1.6, but rather Counter-Strike 1.5. Nevertheless, plenty of nostalgic Linux gamers will probably be interested.

FreeCS is re-implementing the original Counter-Strike using the FTE QuakeWorld engine. As with other open-source re-implementation projects built around commercial games, none of the game assets are bundled so you need to either have a copy already of Half-Life or Counter-Strike. Additionally, FreeCS makes no use of the Half-Life SDK.

Those wanting to check out this project can find it at



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