Thursday 4 May 2017

Man Finds StarCraft Source Code, Decides to Return It to Blizzard

…and that turned out to be a pretty decent decision, since the developer responded with an assortment of gifts and a paid trip to BlizzCon. Khemist49 had bought a box of Blizzard stuff off eBay, and in it contained a CD-R with the source code to the original StarCraft. Instead of ripping everything off the disc, he took the advice of Blizzard’s legal team and returned the media, which was actually stolen property. He did make a copy, right?

Reddit user Khemist49 purchased a lot on eBay that included a lot of Blizzard games and items. In the box, he found a gold master disc for StarCraft. This disc is from in 1998, and includes the game’s source code. After consulting other Reddit users, Khemist49 determined that it’s genuine and eventually decided to send it to Blizzard. For his deed, he was handsomely rewarded by getting $250 in Blizzard store credit, and a free copy of Overwatch. After that, he got a call from Blizzard thanking him for returning the disc, telling him it was in fact stolen. The Blizzard employee then offered Khemist49 an all-expenses-paid trip to BlizzCon.


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