Thursday 18 May 2017

Google makes Firebase SDKs open source


Today was day one of Google I/O and there was no shortage of news. To name a few, the search giant is bringing its assistant to iPhone, Smart Reply to Gmail on mobile, and voice-calling to Google Home. These things should be very interesting to consumers and technology enthusiasts.

With I/O being a developer conference, however, not all of the new is necessarily consumer-focused. Case in point, there was some rather big developer news that didn't get as much attention. You see, Google announces that it is making five of its "Firebase" SDKs open source.

"We are pleased to announce that we are taking our first steps towards open sourcing our client libraries. By making our SDKs open, we're aiming to show our commitment to greater transparency and to building a stronger developer community. To help further that goal, we'll be using GitHub as a core part of our own toolchain to enable all of you to contribute as well. As you find issues in our code, from inconsistent style to bugs, you can file issues through the standard GitHub issue tracker. You can also find our project in the Google Open Source directory. We're really looking forward to your pull requests," says Salman Qadri, Firebase Product Manager.

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Qadri also says, "We're starting by open sourcing several products in our iOS, JavaScript, Java, Node.js and Python SDKs. We'll be looking at open sourcing our Android SDK as well. The SDKs are being licensed under Apache 2.0, the same flexible license as existing Firebase open source projects like FirebaseUI."

Google shares the now open source SDKs and associated GitHub links below.

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