Wednesday 20 May 2015

Using Big Data Analytics to Improve IT Operations

Today's enterprise IT environments have become complex & dynamic, with a combination of physical and virtual infrastructures using legacy and modern technologies. It is changing rapidly with the automation of infrastructure setup, workload distribution and application deployments and transition to agile processes. Although modern IT approaches have replaced manual processes with automated scaling and elastic resources, they depend on various activities being executed through an automated platform.

To deliver high-performance and stable IT operations, staffs end up taking shortcuts, bypassing automated and manual processes. Eventually, it leads to applicaton defects and infrastructure failures. Nevertheless, IT departments need to be able to control their environments, diagnose and pre-empt problems and incidents. Unfortunately, most of existing IT tools don't collect adequate data and don't do a robust job of handling the data they collect. Activity dashboards are cluttered, and have too many alerts that users end up ignoring them.

Making Big Data Analytics Actionable for IT

An organization's IT environment typically generates Terabytes of data about system metrics, change logs, event logs and other operational data. It is possible to obtain extremely granular data about the history and current state of your IT environment. The key is to make this data actionable. However, the challenge ...

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