Saturday 16 May 2015

Senza Peso VR: Open Sourced

TLDR: Download @ UE4.5 Project: Hey guys, We’ve been wanting to do this for awhile but we’re finally releasing the UE4 Senza Peso project! We want to give back and by sharing the Senza Peso project, we hope others can learn and use some of our techniques to make even awesomer VR. We want to accelerate how quickly VR enters the mainstream and the fastest way to do that is by fostering and sharing the learnings we’re all discovering in these early days so more people can create stellar content. We wanted to release it on the UE4 Marketplace for maximum exposure but it proved too complicated since each major revision of the engine broke the project. So instead of waiting until the video support stabilizes, we’re going to just release it out in the wild. Some quick release notes: Senza Peso was built in a mad dash and our first project using UE4 so keep that in mind if you’re learning UE4 (e.g. *don’t use it as a guide for best practices*) This version of the project is built against UE4.5. YMMV for any other version Music has been removed b/c of licensing rights The UE4.5 version of Senza has a worse performance profile b/c of having to use the still unstable built-in movie playback support. The original version had a custom movie playback plugin that was pretty sweet. All the code for the Stereo Billboards is packaged in there as well (probably the most useful part for a lot of people since we get that request quite a bit. Again, code is prototype/exploratory quality but has the relevant bits to extract out) Hopefully this will inspire other people to create some amazing VR experiences and in turn, […]

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