Wednesday 25 February 2015

Online animation service Mixamo 2 goes live next month

Online animation service Mixamo 2 goes live next month

Mixamo will be releasing the second full version of its online animation service next month.

New features in Mixamo 2 include a streamlined workflow that enables users to access animation editing features in more screens, including the search results page, and a faster, more accurate search function.

Also included will be a WebGL Viewer, developed in collaboration with Verold, which it claims will make browsing characters and animations ten times faster, and 20 new animation packs. Users will also now be able to download multiple animations at once.

“Overall, people are using Mixamo because it's ten times faster to get your characters animated in a game. We realised one of the biggest values was speed,” Mixamo CEO Stefano Corazza told Develop.

“We felt we were not fully delivering on that and we wanted Mixamo to be a lot faster and easier to use. So we focused on the user experience.

“We were also losing people at the beginning because they had to install a plugin, so we wanted to just make the whole experience as good and as fast as possible. That was the main driver behind all the changes we have made.”

For more details, you can watch a video introducing Mixamo 2 below.

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