Monday 2 February 2015

Octodad makes nearly $5m in revenue

Octodad makes nearly $5m in revenue

Octodad: Deadliest Catch has made nearly $5m in revenue after shifting 459,753 copies since its release a year ago.

Developer Young Horses has revealed that its core team of nine spent 28,208 hours working on the game. The highest individual hours from a team member clocked in at 5,055. Overall the game took two years and seven months to make.

61 per cent of the games sales came from PC, while 32.6 per cent came from the PS4 release. Mac and Linux made up 6.3 per cent of sales between them.

An infographic, which you can view below, also shows that the game was viewed more than 200 million times through Octodad-related Let’s Play videos, with 8.44 million of those comes from Pewdiepie.

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