Tuesday 24 January 2017

Microsoft's DirectX Shader Compiler Now Open Source

Looks like Microsoft today made their compiler for DX12 shaders open source. It makes me wonder why it would be in their interest to do such a thing. They claim it is to foster greater adoption resulting in the "faster creation of more complex shaders in apps and games," but I would think that more than anything else, the winners from this move are projects such as Wine, SteamOS and developers porting games for Linux. Gift horses, and mouths, and all those things. It's probably not going to usher in a new era of Linux gaming, but it surely can't hurt, right? What do you guys think? Yes, the source is public. Because the source is available, developers can check to see how the compiler works at the smallest level of detail. You can download it, modify it, and make it a part of any system you are building. You can port it to other platforms. You can also contribute your ideas and code to the project directly, or collaborate with other partners (including hardware vendors) on new contributions. Discussion

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