Saturday 12 November 2016

Facebook Demonstrates 20 Gbps Millimeter Wireless Broadband

I have no clue how this millimeter-wave stuff really works, but any fresh take on fast wireless deserves interest. The goal of all of this is to provide connectivity to areas with problems such as unreliable power sources, so they have some interesting challenges to deal with such as powering wireless links solely with solar panels. Earlier this year we tested a terrestrial point-to-point link in Southern California, and are excited to announce that we've demonstrated a record data rate of nearly 20 Gbps over 13 km with MMW technology. Using a set of custom-built components, the team achieved this milestone with only 105 watts of total direct current (DC) power consumption at the transmitter and receiver. The transmission used a bandwidth of 2 GHz, resulting in an overall spectral efficiency of 9.8 bits per second per Hertz. To put this in perspective, our demonstrated capacity is enough data to stream almost 1,000 ultra-high-definition videos at the same time. Comments

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