Wednesday 2 November 2016

Blizzard names and shames 1,700 Chinese Overwatch cheaters

Say goodbye to “It’s High N-ughhh” and “The world needs ass”

Blizzard Entertainment’s Chinese branch has a habit of not just suspending rule-breaking Overwatch players in large swaths, but also making their handles public knowledge. The latest wave of permanent bans rolled in yesterday, Nov. 1, with more than 1,650 players getting the axe. It’s too bad for them, having lost access to one of 2016’s most popular games — but it’s also a shame for those of us still playing Overwatch, as we’ll never get the chance to see some of these excellent usernames in-game.

Joining the “wall of shame” are players who went by the likes of “Killing you makes me tired,” “The world needs ass,” “Call me the God of Bitches” and “I do not like loneliness.” Reddit user _CRISPR, a native Chinese speaker, translated some of these and other names that stand out among the cheaters. After sharing these findings to the Overwatch forum, other posters chipped in with further highlights. (Google Translate does its own magic with the list, which comprises three long posts on the Chinese Overwatch forum.)

There are some names, like the above, that are just broadly funny, while others are references that Overwatch players alone will get. “It’s High N-ughhh” is a common refrain heard by anyone who plays as — or with — McCree, the clock-watching cowboy. Several former players dedicated their usernames to the beloved cyborg assassin Genji, and there are least three ex-Overwatch fans who used their IDs to tout their skills with Genji, Reaper and Hanzo.

Other favorites include battle exclamations, like “COME TO PAPA!!” and “Oh let’s FUCKING break it down!!” There are also fairly innocuous names like “Pants with holes” and “Your boyfriend,” while others are more blunt: “Please report me” is no longer allowed to play Overwatch,” but we’re not too concerned about the future of “My main account is at Top 500.”

We are slightly worried about “If I don’t get [Play of the Game] I’ll stream me eating shit,” though we’re not sure if being banned from Overwatch is comparable to missing out on the highlight reel at the end of the match.

If there’s anyone we’ll miss, it’s “Can’t think of a name.” We’ve all been there, buddy.

Tens of thousands of players have been suspended since Overwatch launched in May, just as Blizzard promised they would be, should they dare try to cheat the game. The largest set of bans thus far was in August, when Blizzard added another 7,500 names to its ever-growing list of cheaters.

Players still in the game have the third season of Competitive Play to look forward to — not to mention the reveal of Sombra, which is bound to happen one of these days.

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