Saturday 9 April 2016

Japanese Designing An Invisible 200MPH Bullet Train

As if getting out of the way of a 200mph train isn't hard enough as it is, let's go for bonus difficulty by making it almost invisible. The next time you are visiting Japan, and you see your reflection approaching really fast, get the hell off the railroad tracks. Not content with 200mph bullet trains, Japan is set to get an 'invisible' train. The carriages will be coated in a semi-reflective surface, making it appear to almost disappear. Japanese architect Kazuyo Sejima was commissioned by the Seibu Group to design a new version of the firm's Red Arrow commuter train for the company's 100th anniversary. Seibu Group said that the train would be the first designed by Sejima, and that the design aimed to be 'soft' and 'blend into the landscape.' Comments

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