Monday 1 August 2016

Unreal Engine team launches public bug tracker

Unreal Engine team launches public bug tracker

Epic Games has launched a new section of the Unreal Engine website to keep users up-to-date with its bug-fixing efforts.

Unreal Engine Issues is a public bug tracker that shows which problems have been resolved and which ones the team is currently working on. Listings for bugs give full details of the issues caused, as well as which versions of Unreal Engine are affected.

Users will be able to search for known issues by using keywords, affected engine component or version numbers, or ID number if devs have encountered this before.

For issues that have been fixed, the UE team aims to include a link to the GitHub commit so devs can grab the source code and integrate the fix without having to wait for the engine’s next point release. 

A voting system will also allow devs to suggest which bugs should be treated as a priority. You can find out at Unreal Engine’s blog.

Earlier this month, UE4 won the Engine category at the 2016 Develop Awards.

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