Monday 15 August 2016

'PaRappa the Rapper' comes back as an anime series

You sadly aren't about to see another PaRappa the Rapper game any time soon, but you will get some kind of fix the near future. Fuji TV has announced that it's airing the pilot episode for a PaRappa anime series, PJ Berri no Mogu-Mogu Munya-Munya, during the variety show Hi Poul on August 18th. More episodes will surface in October. As the name implies, it'll focus primarily on the DJ bear PJ Berri (at left) instead of the game series' namesake rapping dog.

Don't expect a magnum opus: each episode will last just 96 seconds. You won't hear PaRappa singing about how you "gotta believe," then. Look at it this way, though: the PaRappa universe hasn't had much attention since the original game reached the PSP in late 2006. You may have to bend over backwards to see PJ Berri if you're outside of Japan, but this beats letting a classic game fade into obscurity.

Via: MoCa News (translated), Polygon

Source: Fuji TV (translated)

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