Tuesday 7 June 2016

Neoglyphic brings dynamic fur and fibre to Unreal Engine 4

Neoglyphic brings dynamic fur and fibre to Unreal Engine 4

US-based firm Neoglyphic Entertainment has launched its NeoFur technology for Epic Games’ widely-used engine.

Unreal Engine 4 users will now be able to use the new tool to create objects and characters with real-time fur and fibre for any project, whether console, mobile or VR.

The tech uses shell-rendering techniques to create the illusion of millions of strands of fur, complete with realistic physics and new level-of-detail systems that are designed to ensure furs are rendered to a high-quality.

NeoFur was actually one of the five projects backed in the recent wave of Unreal Dev Grants.

“Films like Disney’s Zootopia have shown us the beauty that fur can bring to a production, but at a high cost,” said technical art director Carlos Montero. “With NeoFur, studios of any type can afford high-end technology that dramatically enhances the look of their environments and characters. 

“There’s no reason a studio needs to spend valuable time and money to achieve believable looking fur, as NeoFur’s solution saves time and costs while providing breathtaking results.”

You can find out more about the technology and licensing options at http://ift.tt/1r2L85Z.

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