Saturday 18 June 2016

It's Happening: A Robot Escaped a Lab In Russia and Made a Dash For Freedom

According to a report, a

robot escaped from a science lab and caused a traffic jam in one Russian city

. Scientists at the Promobot laboratories in Perm had been teaching the machine how to move around independently, but it broke free after an engineer forgot to shut a gate, Quartz reports. From the report:

It promptly ran out of power in the middle of the road. The robot got about 50m (164 ft) before its battery died. After a policeman directed traffic around the dead bot, an employee wheeled it back into the lab, and back to a life of servitude. Hopefully this was just an isolated incident and not the start of a larger coordinated effort to overthrow humanity. Only time will tell.

Read the full article here by Slashdot

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