Wednesday 3 June 2015

NVIDIA Introduces AndroidWorks For Android Game Developers

Today NVIDIA is expanding their GameWorks developer program to the realm of Android devices. GameWorks encompasses a range of NVIDIA technologies and tools like PhysX, VisualFX, OptiX, and the NVIDIA Core SDK which allows developers to program for NVIDIA GPUs using NVAPI instead of APIs like DirectX or OpenGL. It also includes many tools to help developers test and debug their games.

AndroidWorks aims to simplify the experience of developing games on Android. It includes a number of libraries for developers to use, along with sample code. It also includes a number of tools for profiling performance and debugging. While AndroidWorks is based on NVIDIA's existing Tegra Android Developer Pack, it is not limited to being used on NVIDIA devices. NVIDIA has tested AndroidWorks programs on a number of devices, including the x86 based ASUS Memopad and Google Nexus Player, as well as other ARM devices like the Nexus 7 and the Galaxy Tab S.

To improve on the native development experience offered by the Android SDK and NDK, the tools and SDK included with AndroidWorks integrate with Microsoft's Visual Studio IDE on Windows. NVIDIA plans to provide frequent updates to AndroidWorks, and they hope that it will become the tool of choice for game developers targeting Android.

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