Saturday 27 June 2015

How Car Manufacturers are Using Big Data

Big data is everywhere and used in nearly every type of business. While many people might not be aware of its prevalence, it’s clear from the way companies are engaging in big data analytics that it is playing a big role in achieving new levels of success.

New technologies used in today’s businesses help us to become aware of big data and its value. Examples of this can be seen in storage, pricing, and retailers who use online activity to pinpoint behavioral trends in marketing campaigns that can be greatly improved. Other uses for big data can be found in utilities, where they can predict outages through energy levels used enabling energy consumption to become more efficient; and by Google and government institutions, who use Big Data to track and detect outbreaks of disease through signals in social media.

But it isn’t just the web and utility companies that use big data; car manufacturers have also been using it on the outside and inside of the vehicle, thus enabling them to improve vehicle quality, enrich the service and driving experience, and enhance safety.

The wonderful thing about cars is that they are a wealth of information, accumulating data taken from the driver, the ...

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