Sunday 21 September 2014

Oculus Announces A New Feature Prototype: Crescent Bay

Oculus has announced a new headmounted display that is "as big a leap forward as DK2 was from DK1." Crescent Bay adds key features and integrates some of the work that Michael Abrash and his team were working at Valve.

The new headset harks back a bit to Crystal Cove with its exposed LEDs, but this time they're on the back, too. This means that Crescent Bay (and the eventual consumer Oculus kit) will include 360 degree tracking. The Crescent Bay also includes integrated audio. The headphones can be moved out of the way, so those who want to use their own earbuds can.

CEO Brendan Iribe says this is not the consumer model (we expect to see a LED-permeable plastic placed over the LEDs in fairly short order, just like the change from Crystal Cove to DK2). The devices that are here at Oculus Connect were hand-made at Oculus HQ over the past few days are are extremely fragile.

The in-house software team at Oculus has created a number of experiences that we'll be testing out later, alongside something new from Epic Games called Showdown. Look for more from Oculus Connect, including eyes-on impressions of Crescent Bay later today.

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