Friday 6 April 2018

Try Google's New OS In Your Browser

Google has been fighting with itself for a long time having Android and Chrome OS overlapping each other, and now Slash Gear is reporting that Google is apparently working on a third wheel. "Andromeda" was a rumor that had started from people thinking that Google would merge their two current operating systems together, however Google Fuchsia is a new OS built from the ground up that you can play with today in your browser. So using the demo, half of it doesn't appear to be working, and there is really nothing that it can do to show itself off. However it makes me curious *tinfoil hat on* I wonder if this is made to be some sort of Cloud browser, even more so than Chrome OS is, and this is less of a demo and more of a test? Either way, Google needs to stop spreading itself so thin in my opinion. The user interface for Fuchsia OS isn't really a secret, but until now it has been mostly revealed in bits and pieces of code and nothing but the most hardcore of developers or enthusiast can try out. This demo, which can be run on any browser, whether desktop or mobile, gives even curious onlookers a chance to see what Google has been cooking in private. Discussion

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