Friday 21 July 2017

Four short links: 21 July 2017

Offline First, Security Tools, Learning Game Strategy, and Design Documentation

  1. Offline First -- how to build an offline-first site in Javascript.
  2. Blackhat Arsenal -- software being released or updated during the Blackhat Arsenal event (e.g., DefPloreX, a machine-learning toolkit for large-scale e-crime forensics; and CBM, the "Car Backdoor Maker").
  3. Learning Macromanagement in StarCraft from Replays using Deep Learning -- Neural networks are trained on 789,571 state-action pairs extracted from 2,005 replays of highly skilled players, achieving top-1 and top-3 error rates of 54.6% and 22.9% in predicting the next build action. By integrating the trained network into UAlbertaBot, an open source StarCraft bot, the system can significantly outperform the game’s built-in Terran bot and play competitively against UAlbertaBot with a fixed rush strategy. (via Mark Riedl)
  4. Making Engineering Team Communication Clearer, Faster, Better -- it’s very important to make sure you have a process that actually gets people to read the document. The write-only document fired off into the void is a common problem, and this talks about how to solve it (for design documents, but the principles translate).

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