Wednesday 14 June 2017

Godot Engine Still Working On 3.0 Release, WebGL 2.0 & WebAssembly Work Too

The open-source Godot 2D/3D Game Engine continues working towards its big "Godot 3.0" release although it remains months behind schedule.

In a status update covering the past two months of work, there has been activity on a new customizable editor theme, WebGL 2.0 and WebAssembly support, support for Mono/C#, initial work on AR and VR support, scripting improvements, and more.

While they originally planned to release Godot 3.0 in fall of 2016, so far the 3.0 release isn't ready. But within a few weeks they hope to ship the 3.0 alpha and then around August they might be in a state for shipping Godot 3.0.0.

More details via today's status report


Read the full article here by Phoronix

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