Sunday 16 October 2016

Google, IBM, Dell EMC: We Can Make Servers That Are 10 Times Faster

A variety of tech giants are "taking on Intel" by adopting OpenCAPI, a specification for technology that can boost server performance by 10 times. A new interface would allow server CPUs to swap data with hardware accelerators, as well as memory, network and storage, more rapidly than is possible today. …OpenCAPI (Open Coherent Accelerator Processor Interface) will be necessary if the performance of computers is to continue to grow at the pace it has in the past. As the rate at which faster processors are developed slows, they say computers will rely more heavily on hardware accelerators and advanced memory technologies -- such as phase change memory -- to deliver performance boosts. To this end, computers will be able to use OpenCAPI interfaces to connect CPUs to hardware accelerators at 25Gbps, faster than the maximum 16Gbps offered by the existing PCI Express interfaces, removing some of the bottlenecks in today's computing architectures. Comments

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