Friday 19 February 2016

The LG G5 will let you lock and load new batteries

In the lead up to MWC, we've heard plenty of rumors about the LG G5 and its swappable accessories. The general idea is that you'll be able to slide out the bottom of the phone and replace it with some fresh or scenario-specific hardware. Now, we're starting to see exactly what those modules will look like. A photo on the Chinese site Weibo reveals a battery accessory with a bright, yellow cell. So when you're starting to near the red, you'll presumably be able to swap your battery out like a firearm magazine.

Another image, this time leaked to Android Authority, shows a bulbous attachment with a couple of dials and buttons on the outer edge. It's a blurry photo, but notorious smartphone leaker Evan Blass claims it's a camera accessory called the LG Cam Plus. Along with a comfier grip, the module reportedly adds an extra 1100mAh battery and buttons that can act as a shutter release and other traditional camera controls.

Image Credit: Android Authority

What we know for sure is threefold. Firstly, the device will be revealed on February 21st. Secondly, it'll feature an "always on" display that puts a smattering of information on your lock screen. Finally, there will be an optional Quick Cover that provides a window to the display and some touch-enabled features, such as taking calls and dismissing alarms.

The swappable accessory idea, which seems all but certain now, is a brave idea that should make the G5 stand out from its Android rivals. Whether customers have been clamouring for such a level of hardware customisation is another matter entirely, however.

Via: Engadget Chinese, VentureBeat

Source: Android Authority, Weibo

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