Thursday 9 October 2008

Android Developers. Thread Opened.

I choose to open a thread regarding Sun JavaMail, JAF and Android.
I hope it would be useful for all developers whose encountered issues or difficulties using JavaMail on Android.
There were few troubles:
  • java.awt.Datatransfer class was missing (and related interfaces): they are available in the Apache Harmony SVN. There were some java.awt.Image dependancies, which have been removed.
  • The lastest Sun JavaMail API was not working on Android: at build time, the APK popped up an error within an IMAP class. I downloaded source code of it (now Sun JM is opensource) and I fixed some classes.
  • Sun JavaMail was working, but not at 100%: it was unable to manage Multipart elements of an email (so most of the email we receive). This API stored MIME-Types to/from Java Object association (a sort of mapping between them) in 2 files within the JAR file. Android is unable to read files in the classic way (due to security policy), so I decided to add the "MIME mapping" programmatically.
You can find the post on Android Developers here.

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