Sunday 28 November 2010

[UPDATE] TabJuggler: Chrome Extension

Hi... I've just released TabJuggler extension for Google Chrome (and Chromium).
I wanted to juggle a little with tabs, moving them, etc...
I decided to create an extension to perform some tasks such as grouping, merging, exploding tabs...
Now it allows to:
  • collect all tabs in all Chrome windows and move them into a single Window
  • move each Tab of the current Window and move it to a separate Window
  • group Tabs by Hostname and move each group in a separate Window
  • sort Tabs by Title, Hostname or Url
  • search for Tabs containing in their Title or Url a string or using a regular expression

Here the Google Chrome Extension Gallery page and the Google Code Project page.
Please give me feedback and/or comments.
Thanks in advance...

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