Saturday 5 December 2009

Twenty-Two (OMG) Google Wave Invites [UPDATED]

I've got 6 22 invites for Google Wave.
Google Wave is a infrastucture allowing users to communicate and collaborate, in real-time.
Down here a very loooooooooong video of the last Google IO, in which some engineers are showing the wave technology capabilities.

Google Wave is particularly suitable for:

  • Organizing events
  • Brainstorming with other people
  • Sharing photos
  • Taking meeting notes (ensuring all people have all the details, for example)
  • Playing interactive games
The features can be expanded, writing plug-ins and now supports spell-checking and translation in different languages.
All communications are based on the Google Wave Federation Protocol. This protocol aims to become a standard element to be used by different implementations of "Wave" applications.
For the invites, please leave comment this post.
The first 6 (remember to place your email in the post form, a gmail one is required) users will receive an invite.
Tell me how did you reach my blog and if you were following me in some way (feed, visiting the website, etc...).
As Dr.Google Wave adverts:
Invitations will not be sent immediately. We have a lot of stamps to lick.


weichang said...


would love to have a google wave invite.

sporterist [at] gmail [dot] com

Many thanks from Singapore!

Flavio said...
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Flavio said...

Hi !

I'm Flavio and i'd like to have an invite if possible

ThX /dev/null ;-)

Keep it up with this great blog ;-)

Jack Steele said...

Hi could I have a google wave invite?