Tuesday 21 July 2009

Google Android porting on x86 - UPDATE

Google Android version 1.5 (Cupcake) has been ported on the ASUS EeePc 701.
Two members of Google Groups, beyounn and cwhuang01 created a Google Code group named Android-x86, in which we are "branching" the original Google Android source code in order to obtain an updated, fully featured and working OS.
We were trying to make Cupcake boot on different NetBooks and/or VirtualBox VMs. So we decided to merge our works.
Current status:
  • Intel on-board VGA is working (with 2.6.30 Kernel it is possible to set the right resolution)
  • GPS USB Serial device is correctly binded to OS
  • LAN 100Mbit Network Adapter is working (both DHCP and static configuration)
  • WiFi Atheros 5k Network Adapter is working (both DHCP and static configuration)
  • USB Mouse (software mouse) and/or Keyboard works
  • USB Pen Drive or Memory reader can be mounted as SD Card
  • Audio is working (ALSA was not working due to a rebuild mistake in the Android Make System)
  • OpenGL-ES are going to be supported, there's a group of developers sharing their code here

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